Battery for HP MU06 MU09 G72 G62 G56 G42 G32 593553-001 593554-001 Presario CQ42

Battery for HP MU06 MU09 G72 G62 G56 G42 G32 593553-001 593554-001 Presario CQ42


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10.8 Volt Rechargeable Lithium-ion High Quality Replacement Battery for HP MU06 MU09 G72 G62 G56 G42 G32 593553-001 593554-001 Presario CQ42

Cell: 6 Cell
Type: Li-ion
Voltage: 10.8V (Compatible with 11.1V)
Capacity: 5200mAh

Quick Find Tips:
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Replace OEM P/N:
HP / Compaq MU06, MU09, WD548AA, HSTNN-178C, HSTNN-CBOW, HSTNN-CBOX, HSTNN-F01C, HSTNN-I84C, HSTNN-Q47C, HSTNN-Q48C, HSTNN-Q60C, HSTNN-Q61C, HSTNN-Q62C, HSTNN-UB0W, HSTNN-YB0X, 586006-321, 586006-361, 586007-541, 588178-141, 593553-001, 593554-001, 593562-001 Battery

Fit Model Numbers:
HP / Compaq Laptop 430 Notebook PC, 630 Notebook PC, 650 Notebook PC, 2000 Notebook PC, Envy 17-1001TX, Envy 17-1002TX, Envy 17-1013tx, Envy 17-1202TX, Envy 17-1203TX, Envy 17-2070nr, Envy 17t-1000 CTO, G32, G42, G42-328CA, G42-415DX, G42-475DX, G42t, G56, G56-100SA, G56-130SA, G62, G62-107SA, G62-400, G62-407DX, G62-435DX, G62-455DX, G62-457DX, G62-a00, G62-b00SA, G62-b23SA, G62t, G72, G72-130SA, G72-a10SA, G72-a30SA, G72-a40SA, G72-b02SA, G72-b15SA, G72-b20SA, G72t

HP Laptop Pavilion dm4-1010eg, Pavilion dm4-1014TX, Pavilion dm4-1060ea, Pavilion dm4-1060us, Pavilion dm4-1065dx, Pavilion dm4-1070sf, Pavilion dm4-1080ea, Pavilion dm4-1100sa, Pavilion dm4-1101ea, Pavilion dm4-1160us, Pavilion dm4-1162us, Pavilion dm4-1164nr, Pavilion dm4-1165dx, Pavilion dm4-1265dx, Pavilion dm4-2000, Pavilion dm4-2000ea, Pavilion dm4-2015dx, Pavilion dm4-2050us, Pavilion dm4-2070us, Pavilion dm4-3013cl, Pavilion dm4-3050us, Pavilion dm4-3055dx, Pavilion dm4-3080la, Pavilion dm4-3099se

HP Laptop Pavilion dv3-4057tx, Pavilion dv3-4100sa, Pavilion dv4-4030us, Pavilion dv4-4063la, Pavilion dv5-2045la, Pavilion dv5-2129wm, Pavilion dv5-2134us, Pavilion dv5-2135dx, Pavilion dv5-2155dx

HP Laptop Pavilion dv6-3000, Pavilion dv6-3000sb, Pavilion dv6-3001au, Pavilion dv6-3001ax, Pavilion dv6-3004tu, Pavilion dv6-3005eq, Pavilion dv6-3006tu, Pavilion dv6-3007ax, Pavilion dv6-3008ca, Pavilion dv6-3010el, Pavilion dv6-3010ev, Pavilion dv6-3010sg, Pavilion dv6-3010us, Pavilion dv6-3011el, Pavilion dv6-3013cl, Pavilion dv6-3013nr, Pavilion dv6-3015sr, Pavilion dv6-3017nr, Pavilion dv6-3017tx, Pavilion dv6-3018sl, Pavilion dv6-3019sl, Pavilion dv6-3020ee, Pavilion dv6-3020sa, Pavilion dv6-3020tx, Pavilion dv6-3021ee, Pavilion dv6-3022ek, Pavilion dv6-3022us, Pavilion dv6-3024tx, Pavilion dv6-3025dx, Pavilion dv6-3027tx, Pavilion dv6-3029sz, Pavilion dv6-3030ee, Pavilion dv6-3030ej, Pavilion dv6-3030ep, Pavilion dv6-3030sa, Pavilion dv6-3032sa, Pavilion dv6-3033cl, Pavilion dv6-3033he, Pavilion dv6-3037ca, Pavilion dv6-3037nr, Pavilion dv6-3040ca, Pavilion dv6-3040us, Pavilion dv6-3041sl, Pavilion dv6-3042ee, Pavilion dv6-3042sl, Pavilion dv6-3044eo, Pavilion dv6-3044sa, Pavilion dv6-3045sa, Pavilion dv6-3046sa, Pavilion dv6-3047sa, Pavilion dv6-3048sa, Pavilion dv6-3050ca, Pavilion dv6-3050eo, Pavilion dv6-3050tx, Pavilion dv6-3051xx, Pavilion dv6-3052tx, Pavilion dv6-3054ez, Pavilion dv6-3056sa, Pavilion dv6-3057sa, Pavilion dv6-3060ee, Pavilion dv6-3060ej, Pavilion dv6-3061ee, Pavilion dv6-3063si, Pavilion dv6-3064ca, Pavilion dv6-3065ea, Pavilion dv6-3067ea, Pavilion dv6-3070ca, Pavilion dv6-3070ea, Pavilion dv6-3079tx, Pavilion dv6-3080br, Pavilion dv6-3080er, Pavilion dv6-3085ea, Pavilion dv6-3088la, Pavilion dv6-3090ca, Pavilion dv6-3090eo, Pavilion dv6-3093ca, Pavilion dv6-3100sa, Pavilion dv6-3104sa, Pavilion dv6-3104sl, Pavilion dv6-3108ea, Pavilion dv6-3109ea, Pavilion dv6-3110ea, Pavilion dv6-3110sa, Pavilion dv6-3111sa, Pavilion dv6-3114sa, Pavilion dv6-3117sa, Pavilion dv6-3118sa, Pavilion dv6-3119sa, Pavilion dv6-3120sa, Pavilion dv6-3120us, Pavilion dv6-3121sa, Pavilion dv6-3122sa, Pavilion dv6-3122us, Pavilion dv6-3123cl, Pavilion dv6-3123sa, Pavilion dv6-3125sa, Pavilion dv6-3126ea, Pavilion dv6-3126sa, Pavilion dv6-3138ca, Pavilion dv6-3140sa, Pavilion dv6-3141ea, Pavilion dv6-3143sa, Pavilion dv6-3145dx, Pavilion dv6-3150sa, Pavilion dv6-3150us, Pavilion dv6-3170sb, Pavilion dv6-3170ss, Pavilion dv6-3179sa, Pavilion dv6-3181ea, Pavilion dv6-3182ea, Pavilion dv6-3225dx, Pavilion dv6-3230us, Pavilion dv6-3236nr, Pavilion dv6-3250us, Pavilion dv6-3298ea, Pavilion dv6-3299ea, Pavilion dv6-6000, Pavilion dv6-6000eg, Pavilion dv6-6001ea, Pavilion dv6-6001sa, Pavilion dv6-6005ea, Pavilion dv6-6005sa, Pavilion dv6-6013cl, Pavilion dv6-6016tx, Pavilion dv6-6023tx, Pavilion dv6-6027tx, Pavilion dv6-6033cl, Pavilion dv6-6b26us, Pavilion dv6-6b47dx, Pavilion dv6-6b51ea, Pavilion dv6-6b58sa

HP Laptop Pavilion dv7-4000, Pavilion dv7-4003tx, Pavilion dv7-4008ca, Pavilion dv7-4010em, Pavilion dv7-4010sw, Pavilion dv7-4014eo, Pavilion dv7-4015sl, Pavilion dv7-4022ez, Pavilion dv7-4023so, Pavilion dv7-4026tx, Pavilion dv7-4030ed, Pavilion dv7-4035sa, Pavilion dv7-4040sa, Pavilion dv7-4045ea, Pavilion dv7-4047ea, Pavilion dv7-4051nr, Pavilion dv7-4051sg, Pavilion dv7-4065dx, Pavilion dv7-4071nr, Pavilion dv7-4073nr, Pavilion dv7-4077cl, Pavilion dv7-4080us, Pavilion dv7-4083cl, Pavilion dv7-4087cl, Pavilion dv7-4100, Pavilion dv7-4130sa, Pavilion dv7-4131sa, Pavilion dv7-4138ca, Pavilion dv7-4140ea, Pavilion dv7-4141sa, Pavilion dv7-4143ea, Pavilion dv7-4165dx, Pavilion dv7-4170us, Pavilion dv7-4176sf, Pavilion dv7-4177ca, Pavilion dv7-4177nr, Pavilion dv7-4180ea, Pavilion dv7-4183cl, Pavilion dv7-4263cl, Pavilion dv7-4269wm, Pavilion dv7-4280us, Pavilion dv7-4285dx, Pavilion dv7-5000ea, Pavilion dv7-6000, Pavilion dv7-6002sa, Pavilion dv7-6004ea, Pavilion dv7-6050ea, Pavilion dv7-6051ea, Pavilion dv7-6101sa, Pavilion dv7-6102sa, Pavilion dv7-6103ea, Pavilion dv7-6135dx, Pavilion dv7-6143cl, Pavilion dv7-6153ea, Pavilion dv7-6163us, Pavilion dv7-6165us, Pavilion dv7-6169nr, Pavilion dv7-6178us, Pavilion dv7-6187cl, Pavilion dv7-6195us

HP Laptop Pavilion g4, Pavilion g4-1003tx, Pavilion g4-1015dx, Pavilion g4-1053TX, Pavilion g4-1065la, Pavilion g4-1104dx, Pavilion g4-1213nr, Pavilion g4-1215dx, Pavilion g4-1260la, Pavilion g4-1281la, Pavilion g6-1000, Pavilion g6-1004sa, Pavilion g6-1007sa, Pavilion g6-1009ea, Pavilion g6-1010ea, Pavilion g6-1030tx, Pavilion g6-1200tx, Pavilion g6-1201tx, Pavilion g6-1240sa, Pavilion g6-1241sa, Pavilion g6-1301tx, Pavilion g6-1302tx, Pavilion g6-1325sa, Pavilion g6-1b70us, Pavilion g6-1b75ca, Pavilion g6t, Pavilion g7-1000, Pavilion g7-1017cl, Pavilion g7-1019wm, Pavilion g7-1070us, Pavilion g7-1075dx

HP Laptop Presario CQ32, Presario CQ42, Presario CQ42-111TU, Presario CQ42-136TU, Presario CQ42-153TX, Presario CQ42-154TX, Presario CQ42-188TX, Presario CQ42-295TX, Presario CQ56-101SA, Presario CQ56-112SA, Presario CQ56-115DX, Presario CQ56-124CA, Presario CQ56-134SF, Presario CQ56-148CA, Presario CQ56-219WM, Presario CQ62-100, Presario CQ62-113TX, Presario CQ62-200, Presario CQ62-209WM, Presario CQ62-219WM, Presario CQ62-238DX, Presario CQ62-310AU, Presario CQ62-410US, Presario CQ62-a00, Presario CQ62-a10SD, Presario CQ62-a25SA

Compatibility Note:
If your original battery code or model is not listed above, our battery may still fit your laptop. Please feel free to contact us to confirm the compatibility.

Package Included:
1 x Battery Pack