AC Adapter Battery Charger for DeWalt 7.2V-18V Batteries

AC Adapter Battery Charger for DeWalt 7.2V-18V Batteries

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This brand new multi-functional DeWalt charger suitable for DeWalt 7.2V to 18V Ni-Cd Ni-MH rechargeable cordless drill battery packs. The dewalt handheld drill battery charger can replace the following models: DeWalt DE9112, DE9116, DE9117, DE9118, DE9130, DE9135 power tools battery charger (Excl. DC9071, DE9037, DE9071, DE9094, DE9074, DE9075, DW9071, DW9072, DC9091, DE9038, DE9091, DE9092, DW9091, DW9094, DC9096, DE9039, DE9095, DE9096, DW9095, DW9096).

The features of this DeWalt cordless drill battery charger
Charger for dewalt 7.2 volts to 18 volts for Ni-Cd and Ni-MH batteries
Automatic three stage mode: Pre-charge > Constant charge > Trickle charge
Standard 2 pin Type A Plug used in North and Central America, Japan, China
Built-in circuit protection to prevent overheating, short circuits, extended time charging and detection of damaged batteries.

Technical details:
Input: 100V~240V, AC 50~60Hz
Output: 7.2V~18V, DC 1.5A
Color: Black

Charging times:

Capacity (Ah) 1.3Ah 1.5Ah 2.0Ah 2.1Ah 2.5Ah 3.0Ah 3.3Ah
Charge Time (Min) 52 60 80 84 100 120 132

Light indicators:
Red light blinks: Pack charging
Red light steady: Fully charged
Red light blinks at 3 times per second: Faulty battery or short circuit
Yellow light steady and Red light blinks once per second: Temperature delay

Input & Output:
The separate universal AC adaptor (power supply) can be used with world wide AC voltage of 100V~240V, 50~60Hz.
The separate universal AC adaptor has an output of 36V DC 2Amp and is plugged into the battery charger unit.

Contents of packaging:
1 x Multi-functional charger
1 x AC Adaptor with 2 pin Type A Plug
1 x AC power cord

Charger can give severe electric shock.
Do not probe with conductive objects.
Do not charge damaged batteries.
Keep charger away from liquids, water or moisture.


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