10.8V Battery for HP HSTNN-CB87 Pavilion dv2-1000 dv2-1002ax dv2-1003ax

10.8V Battery for HP HSTNN-CB87 Pavilion dv2-1000 dv2-1002ax dv2-1003ax

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Battery Cell: 6 Cell
Battery Type: Li-ion Voltage: 10.8V Capacity: 5200mAh

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Replace OEM P/N
HP 506066-721, HSTNN-CB87, HSTNN-XB87, NB800AA Battery

Compatible Model
HP Laptop Notebook Pavilion dv2, Pavilion dv2-1000, Pavilion dv2-1000eo, Pavilion dv2-1000ep, Pavilion dv2-1001au, Pavilion dv2-1001ax, Pavilion dv2-1001eg, Pavilion dv2-1001et, Pavilion dv2-1001xx, Pavilion dv2-1002au, Pavilion dv2-1002ax, Pavilion dv2-1002xx, Pavilion dv2-1003au, Pavilion dv2-1003ax, Pavilion dv2-1004au, Pavilion dv2-1004ax, Pavilion dv2-1005au, Pavilion dv2-1005ax, Pavilion dv2-1005ee, Pavilion dv2-1005ei, Pavilion dv2-1006au, Pavilion dv2-1006ax, Pavilion dv2-1007au, Pavilion dv2-1007ax, Pavilion dv2-1008au, Pavilion dv2-1008ax, Pavilion dv2-1009au, Pavilion dv2-1009ax, Pavilion dv2-1010au, Pavilion dv2-1010ax, Pavilion dv2-1010ea, Pavilion dv2-1010ed, Pavilion dv2-1010el, Pavilion dv2-1010eo, Pavilion dv2-1010ep, Pavilion dv2-1010ez, Pavilion dv2-1011au, Pavilion dv2-1011ax, Pavilion dv2-1012au, Pavilion dv2-1012ax, Pavilion dv2-1013ax, Pavilion dv2-1014ax, Pavilion dv2-1015ax, Pavilion dv2-1015ee, Pavilion dv2-1015ei, Pavilion dv2-1016ax, Pavilion dv2-1017ax, Pavilion dv2-1018ax, Pavilion dv2-1019ax, Pavilion dv2-1020ax, Pavilion dv2-1020ca, Pavilion dv2-1020ed, Pavilion dv2-1020ef, Pavilion dv2-1020el, Pavilion dv2-1020er, Pavilion dv2-1021ax, Pavilion dv2-1022ax, Pavilion dv2-1023ax, Pavilion dv2-1023ef, Pavilion dv2-1024ax, Pavilion dv2-1024ca, Pavilion dv2-1025ax, Pavilion dv2-1025ee, Pavilion dv2-1025es, Pavilion dv2-1026ax, Pavilion dv2-1027ax, Pavilion dv2-1027ca, Pavilion dv2-1028ax, Pavilion dv2-1029ax, Pavilion dv2-1030ax, Pavilion dv2-1030ea, Pavilion dv2-1030el, Pavilion dv2-1030en, Pavilion dv2-1030eo, Pavilion dv2-1030us, Pavilion dv2-1031ax, Pavilion dv2-1032ax, Pavilion dv2-1033cl, Pavilion dv2-1035ea, Pavilion dv2-1040ef, Pavilion dv2-1040ew, Pavilion dv2-1043ca, Pavilion dv2-1044ca, Pavilion dv2-1050eg, Pavilion dv2-1050en, Pavilion dv2-1050es, Pavilion dv2-1050ew, Pavilion dv2-1070eg, Pavilion dv2-1090eo, Pavilion dv2z

Compatibility Note
If your original battery part number or model is not listed above, our battery may still fit your laptop. Please feel free to contact us to confirm the compatibility.

Package Included
1 x Battery Pack


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