3.6V Battery for JVC BN-VG107 BN-VG107US GZ-E10 GZ-E100 GZ-E100SEU GZ-E105BEK

3.6V Battery for JVC BN-VG107 BN-VG107US GZ-E10 GZ-E100 GZ-E100SEU GZ-E105BEK


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3.6 Volt Rechargeable Lithium-ion High Quality Replacement Battery for JVC BN-VG107 BN-VG107US GZ-E10 GZ-E100 GZ-E100SEU GZ-E105BEK

Cell: High-grade, Durable
Type: Li-ion
Voltage: 3.6V
Capacity: 890mAh

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Replace OEM P/N:
JVC BN-VG107, BN-VG107US Battery

Fit Model Numbers:
JVC Camcorder (Video Camera Recorder) GZ-E10, GZ-E100, GZ-E100SEU, GZ-E105BEK, GZ-E105BEU, GZ-E105REK, GZ-E10AUS, GZ-E10BUS, GZ-E10RUS, GZ-E10SEK, GZ-E10SEU, GZ-E15, GZ-E15BEK, GZ-E15BEK, GZ-E15BEU, GZ-E200, GZ-E200AU, GZ-E200AUS, GZ-E200BE, GZ-E200BEK, GZ-E200BEU, GZ-E200BU, GZ-E200BUS, GZ-E200RU, GZ-E200RUS, GZ-E200WE, GZ-E205, GZ-E205BE, GZ-E205BEK, GZ-E205BEU, GZ-E205RE, GZ-E205REK, GZ-E205SEK, GZ-E205SEK, GZ-E205REK, GZ-E205WE, GZ-E205WEK, GZ-E205WEU, GZ-E220, GZ-E220-R, GZ-E220-S, GZ-E225, GZ-E225-R, GZ-E225-T, GZ-E225-V, GZ-E245, GZ-E300, GZ-E300AU, GZ-E300BEU, GZ-E300BU, GZ-E300WU, GZ-E305AEK, GZ-E305BEK, GZ-E305BEU, GZ-E305REK, GZ-E305SEU, GZ-E305WEU, GZ-EX210AUS, GZ-EX210BUS, GZ-EX210RUS, GZ-EX310BEU, GZ-GX1BUS, GZ-HM30, GZ-HM30AA, GZ-HM30AC, GZ-HM30AU, GZ-HM30AUS, GZ-HM30BEK, GZ-HM30BEU, GZ-HM30BU, GZ-HM30BUS, GZ-HM30RU, GZ-HM30RUS, GZ-HM30SEK, GZ-HM30SUS, GZ-HM30U, GZ-HM40, GZ-HM430SEU, GZ-HM430WEU, GZ-HM435, GZ-HM435SEU, GZ-HM45, GZ-HM50, GZ-HM50AUS, GZ-HM50BUS, GZ-HM50RUS, GZ-HM50U, GZ-HM65BU, GZ-MG750, GZ-MG750BUS, GZ-MS110BUS, GZ-MS150, GZ-MS150HEU, GZ-MS215, GZ-MS230, GZ-MS230US, GZ-MS250BU

Compatibility Note:
If your original battery code or model is not listed above, our battery may still fit your camcorder. Please feel free to contact us to confirm the compatibility.

Package Included:
1 x Battery Pack