Samsung SSB-P28LS6 10.8V 6.6Ah Replacement Battery

Samsung SSB-P28LS6 10.8V 6.6Ah Replacement Battery

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This 10.8 Volt rechargeable battery offer 6600mAh, 71.28Wh of power while fitting flush with your Samsung V25 XVC 2000c, V25 XVC 2200c, V25 XVC 2400c II laptop netbook. Weight is kept to a minimum, maximizing portability. Top grade Lithium-ion cells powers this Samsung SSB-P28LS6 battery so you can rest assured your laptop netbook battery will long-lasting. This Samsung battery pack offers the highest performance available.

  • Built-in high quality cells, repeated charging and discharging, durable
  • Integrated microchip in battery pack prevents over charging and discharging
  • High quality rechargeable replacement battery pack, less risk and less problem
  • 100% QC, UL, CE and RoHS certified ensures quality and safety
  • The battery pack sold by us has good packaging, prevent scratch and damage


Rating10.8V, 6600mAh, 71.28Wh
Dimension148.50 x 89.00 x 19.40 mm


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