Sony VGP-BPX19 7.4V 8.8Ah Li-poly Replacement Battery

Sony VGP-BPX19 7.4V 8.8Ah Li-poly Replacement Battery

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Replace your Sony VGP-BPX19 laptop netbook battery or keep an extra battery on hand as a backup. This 7.4 Volt, 8800mAh, 65.12Wh Lithium-ion polymer replacement battery that offers up even more up time than your original battery. Works in your Sony unit. Simple and inexpensive! You get a new high quality Sony VAIO VPC-X135KX/S, VAIO VPC-X135KX/X, VAIO VPC-X135LG/X rechargeable battery, you are worth it. Please purchase with confidence.

  • Li-ion, Ni-MH, and Ni-Cd rechargeable batteries are not interchangeable
  • High capacity cells, higher energy density, powerful and long-lasting
  • High energy density, high recycle life, long-lasting, and long life battery pack
  • Precision construction for optimal fit, 100% compatible with the original battery
  • Realize faster charging technology with your original battery charger


Rating7.4V, 8800mAh, 65.12Wh
Dimension264.00 x 176.70 x 24.50 mm


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